Wrinkles and Polkadots creates one of a kind, ceramic vessels. 

    This body of work, Wrinkles & Polkadots, stems from the belief that handmade and one of a kind art should be financially accessible to the general public.  These sculptures aims to distort and exaggerate the human form in order to push against socially idealized ideas of the vessel, the body, and decorative objects for the home in opposition to the current handmade vessels offered. In the age of a growing craft economy, I aim to disrupt the somewhat sterile ceramic marketplace by making useful yet loud vessels.

Wrinkles & Polkadots was started by Michelle Briones, a multidisciplinary artist located in Portland Oregon. She received her BA in sculpture and mixed media from Portland State University in 2016 and is currently receiving her MFA in Applied Craft + Design. Currently her practice is focused on creating a cohesive language between fine art and widely accessible product design. She combines her love for handcraft with collaborative commercial work which has included large crafted visual displays and web content for local Portland businesses.